To begin with, the leather must be protected from natural enemies such as the sun, intense heat, water and sebum because they are likely to alter the appearance of the leather, which can cause depigmentation and stains on the surface.

But how ?

There are many types of leather, the care must be adapted to each of them.

For smooth and waxed leathers, they are easily cleaned with our chamoisine, slightly moistened and impregnated with soap (Marseille soap type). The application of a wax-based protective product such as our artisanal shoe polish then nourishes the material.

Grand Rue waterproofing is designed to protect leathers that hate water. This is the case with vegetable tanned leather. (Just spray the product on the surface)

Waterproofing will also protect suede leather, also called “suede” or nubuck, from stains. If the velvet fiber is too marked, the "suede eraser" is then recommended.

You can also dust it with a soft brush. (binding brush??)

Regarding patent leather, a drop of oil (food for example) that is dried immediately by rubbing on the surface will be enough to maintain its shine.

Greasy leathers are wiped with soapy water before applying grease.

Bonus Tip:

For small surfaces we advise you to use a protection in the form of a paste or cream, while the bottled milk will allow you to treat larger surfaces.