We offer you the possibility of making purchases on www.grandrue.fr by paying your order in 3 deadlines.

We detail here the terms of grant and the conditions to be satisfied.

This method of payment is different from payment by conventional CB card. Because it requires an authorization request from your bank to be able to debit the amount of the order in several payments spaced over time.

Amount of installments:

If you wish to pay in 3 installments by credit card, you pay for your order over 3 months.

We take the total amount of your order as follows:

- 34% of the total amount debited at shipment.
- 33% of the total amount debited the following month.
- 33% of the total amount debited the following month.

Bank cards accepted:

VISA and MASTERCARD cards with a validity period of more than 3 months are the only ones that can be accepted for payment in 3 installments.

Order amount:

The minimum order amount required to receive payment in 3 installments by credit card is € 150. Orders under € 150 will be taken at once. The maximum order amount cannot exceed 1500 €.

Order process paid in 3 installments by credit card:

The choice of this payment method is made when confirming the basket. In the "means of payment" section, you are offered several payment methods; to know : CB payment, Paypal payment, payment by check or transfer, CB payment in 3 installments.

When you select "CB payment in 3 installments", your CB card information is not requested in the basket. You are invited to confirm your order.

Once your order has been registered, you will receive an email inviting you to fill in your credit card information. This email contains a link to a secure site.

You will then only have to click on the link to fill in the payment information on the secure site of our payment method provider.

Order confirmation :

After this step, if the authorization for direct debit to expire is authorized by your bank, we confirm the order and proceed with its dispatch.

If we cannot confirm the order for one of the cases listed in the section below, we will contact you in order to offer to pay by another method. You can then change the payment method or cancel your order.

If the total amount of the order is less than 150 € and the debit of the bank card is authorized, we debit the entire amount of the order and proceed to dispatch.

CB payment in 3 installments cannot be accepted in the following cases:

- The direct debit authorization is not granted by your bank.
- The validity period of the card is less than 3 months.
- The amount of the order is less than 150 € or more than 1500 €.
- The name of the recipient and the delivery address are different from those of the bank card.
- The bank card entered is listed as presenting a significant risk of fraud.
- Significant geographic distance between the registered IP address and the delivery address.
- The customer has not provided sufficient information for the company to contact him.

Good end of payment and retention of title:

The order is considered paid after the total payment of the amount of the order. In the event of a payment incident, the customer is contacted in order to proceed with the payment of the balance of his order by credit card, transfer to the check. The customer becomes the owner of the items ordered after full payment for these items.

Can I cancel my order with this payment method:

Orders settled with CB payment in 3 installments benefit from the same withdrawal period. Namely, deadline of 14 days for unused items and in their original packaging and labels (excluding personalized or custom items).

If you request to cancel the order after receipt, we will credit the amounts collected after receipt and verification of the returned items. Then we cancel the direct debit authorization for the sums remaining to be withdrawn.

Cost of payment in 3 installments by credit card:

This service is offered to you free of charge. There is no charge for this service.

Free return | 14 days to change your mind | CB payment in 3 installments

Free delivery in France and Europe from 100 € of purchase.