The beginnings 

The creation of our workshop was a logical continuation. At the beginning of our shop we did not have a workshop. Leonel owned leatherworking tools that he used in his spare time when he worked in finance. It was with this amateur tool that the first belts were made.

Very quickly, the need to acquire professional tools came. As the months went by and to Olga's great despair, new machines appeared in every room of the house. Every corner of the home had been converted into storage space for raw materials. This
a more or less organized grand bazaar will have lasted several years and was not at all to Olga's taste, who often found her dining room table converted into a work surface in the morning; dye stains and scraps of leather as a bonus.

It was a great time with lots of memories and nights spent making products for our customers. The house being too small, the apotheosis came when one day at the end of the afternoon, Leonel had the good idea to install a 1200 kg hydraulic press in the garage. That was too much for Olga.



To develop our production and for the peace of the household, we felt it was high time to equip ourselves with a real workshop.

Our workshop is located in the Nancy conurbation a few kilometers from our shop. It is equipped with all the tools and machines essential for leather goods work.

Thanks to him, we can do all the manufacturing steps of our articles. In this place, we can prototype and

Thus, we follow our logic of independence; we control the entire production chain. And it also allows us to be certain of the quality of our products.