We are Olga and Leonel, a couple of leather lovers and passionate about beautiful things. Leonel has always worked with leather and revives the family heritage of his shoemaker grandfather. Olga is a bag collector always looking for the rare object and practical detail.

After years spent in the bank for Leonel and in distribution for Olga, we were in search of authenticity and back to the simple things. We wanted to get away from stress and the artificial world of today. We needed something concrete, to touch the material as a kind of return to the essential. We created a small leather goods in Nancy. From the outset, we have chosen to offer full-grain leather items. We wanted to offer leather and beautiful materials. It was for us more than selling brands. 

Over time, Leonel began to make custom belts to meet customer needs. Then, bags and leather accessories. Thus was born a line of articles which we market under the brand Grand Rue. 

Grand Rue are everyday objects made from full grain leather, preferably vegetable tanned, and noble materials. Handcrafted and made from sturdy leathers, our products are authentic and stand the test of time. The supplies are made in our regions to assert our local roots. Durable materials, simplicity of curves, geometry of lines for objects whose aestheticism lies in the sobriety of the lines. Forms of today and yesterday that speak to our memory.

Grand Rue products are made in France around Nancy.