Made in France

Sustenable local manufacturing

We make, ourselves, simple and durable objects. And all this locally. It's our way of limiting our impact on the environment.


our philosophy

We create everyday objects made with the best leather and quality materials. We like to use vegetable tanned leather. Handcrafted, our products are authentic and want to stand the test of time. We source in our region to assert our local anchoring.

Grand Rue brand’s philosophy is manufacturing all products to be functional, durable and stylish. Simple curves, geometric lines for objects whose aestheticism is based on its sober design. Our design is made of past and present shapes we are familiar with.

usable every day and for a long time

our handmade leather bags

Copie de Sac porté épaule TULIP whisky / jeans - Grand Rue
Sac MUSETTE - Grand Rue


Sac à dos Juno - Grand Rue

Our values

high quality traditional materials

The main element defining the longevity of a product is the quality of the materials used in its manufacture. We use traditional materials such as vegetable tanned leather, cotton, wool, brass. The latter, which we use is ancestral, age well. We do not compromise on the quality of the materials we use.

Our values


Mastering all stages of the production of a product is essential. If we don't produce anything; we are nothing! We have made a choice to produce our products ourselves rather than having them manufactured. Our articles are produced by julien and Leonel in an artisanal way in the region of Nancy in France. Each raw material and each supply is selected by Leonel. Each line, each curve is the result of Leonel and Olga's reflection.

This integration, from the choice of raw material to the packaged product, allows us to have an extensive knowledge of each element, each stage of manufacturing, each detail of the product. This deep introspection allows us to control the quality of our products and its final cost for our customers.

Our values

Assumed minimalism

The search for the efficient form which ensures the function of the object is constant for us. The simplicity of the curves makes it possible to highlight the material. 

Refining the useless limits the manufacturing and allows us to offer a high quality product at a fare price.

Our values


For half a century, people have been damaging the planet with mass consumption and over-consumption. We have an impact on our environment, but we can limit it.

Responsible consumption means above all limiting consumption by choosing useful and sustainable products. We offer products with a great longevity. Because we consider that a product that lasts a long time has two essential characteristics: the material entering into the composition is of very good quality and the manufacture of the product is neat.

Our philosophy is to produce strong and durable objects.

Petit sac Marchand - Grand Rue

Our workshop

Place of all possibilities.
It is by working hard that ideas come. Careful observation of detail inspires more creativity than contemplation of the blank sheet...