Our shop is located on the main street, in the historic heart of Nancy, a Mecca for merchant exchanges and artisanal manufacturing for centuries in Lorraine. You will find us there opposite the Palace of the Dukes of Lorraine.

Our shop, combining wood and secular stone walls, is supported by Renaissance vaults. This beautiful setting is an ideal setting to provide an experience for our visitors. The beautiful part is made with the smell of leather and the touch of materials.

Visitors can find there; in addition to the nostalgia of the leather goods of the past, items made from traditional materials (real leather, cotton, oilcloth) reassuring and durable.

The shop offers both “home” products made by us and items for which we are a distributor. On our offer, we make sure to offer a selection of articles offering a fair quality / price ratio according to the origin and the quality of the materials. Besides, we are always careful that no item is more expensive than on the internet.

Visitors are sometimes surprised to see the store transform into a workshop when Leonel has a few orders present to complete.

The store has made itself known by making custom belts for our customers, entirely by hand. These can choose from 1200 possible combinations.

Beyond belts, we develop and manufacture a collection of leather goods under the brand " Grand Rue ».

In summary, we offer our visitors service and a lot of passion to find them the daily object that will accompany them for years.

Other brands distributed in our shop.

Hours of our Nancy store.