Nourishing milk, artisanal leather


The colorless leather nourishing milk from Grand Rue is the essential product for the care of your leathers. Handcrafted, it is made of natural products and guaranteed silicone-free. Very nourishing, this nourishing leather milk softens the leather and makes it waterproof, while giving it its original satin appearance. Leather nourishing milk is also great for erasing scratches on leather. You will be able to close the flower of a scratched leather with a little milk on a soft cloth applied in circular movements.

This nourishing leather milk is handcrafted in France with quality raw materials.

Grand Rue creates everyday objects in vegetable tanned leather and noble materials. Handcrafted, the products are authentic and will stand the test of time. Grand Ruesupplies in our regions to confirm its local roots. Grand Rue products are intended to be durable and elegant. Simplicity of curves, geometry of lines for objects whose aestheticism lies in the sobriety of the lines. Forms of today and yesterday that speak to our memory.

animal oil, paraffin oil, lanolin, beeswax, glycerin.

- 150 ml bottle

Leather nourishing milk / leather craft cream - Grand Rue

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