In our Nancy boutique in addition to our bespoke belts and leather goods, we also distribute a selection of genuine leather items to offer a wide range of choices to our customers. These leather goods, at prices ranging from € 9,90 to € 645, are selected either for the quality of the materials and the quality of the way or for their very good value for money for real leather. You will find leather goods for all uses; from the first price item to the luxury item.

Italian brand using a Tuscan technique of molding seamless leather. All of their objects are hand painted. Very great technical refinement in their production. Their emblematic product is "tacco", the typical wallet of Florence.

Renowned belt manufacturer for the biggest luxury brands. Since the 60s, Anderson's has been based in Parma, Italy, where they integrate all stages of production. Their range is very extensive. In our shop, we only offer braided, latex or leather models, as well as their hand-painted python belt models.

Old French leather goods house created in 1930, specializing in small leather goods, such as pen cases, card holders or cigar cases.

Items in real leather and cotton, very competitive price positioning for quality products.

Brand of our friends Julien, whose objects are produced by hand in Lorraine. Traditional materials and vegetable tanned leather. A style referring to the world of custom motorcycles and the world of pre-war aviation.

If you want to know the availability of an item in store, you can ask us by email or on the site chat.

By choice, the brands distributed in our shop are not available on this site which is dedicated to our productions.